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HVAC INFO  approved heating & cooling loads are done for the jobs that we estimate for you.  This is so we can properly size the new equipment, after all, your comfort and energy costs are at steak.  If your Calgary furnace needs to be repaired furnace is too big it will turn on heat up your home fast and turn off.  This sounds great but actually your floors, rugs, furniture and other things, like walls do not get a chance to warm completely up and then your home gets hot and cold spots as well as hot and cold rooms.



Air Conditioner repairs

If your air conditioner is too big it will turn on, cool things off fast and leave a cold dampness in your home.  This can be very uncomfortable, it makes you feel “clamy”.  If your duct work is too small for the furnace or air conditioner that is put in then there is another set of problems.  In the heating cycle your furnace can get too hot and cycle on and off on the overtemp limit control, a safety device, instead of cycling on and off by the thermostat as your furnace was designed to do.

Air Conditioner replacement

If your air conditioning is working with duct work too small for the cooling capacities put in, the air conditionin coil in the furnace plenum to freeze up and not allow any cooling.These are problems indeed but our industry has come up with problem solvers like the formulas for heating and cooling demands of a home as well as duct work sizing for good air flow and delivery of heating and cooling to your home.  Every good HVAC company will use an ACCA approved problem solving formulas in some form so they can give their customers what is needed. The Nitty-Gritty of HVAC such

What is BTU ?

What is a BTU?  BTU is short for “British Thermal Unit”. The BTU is a way to measure heat.  One BTU is the amount of heat necessary to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree celcius.  There other ways to measure heat like calories but in heating and air conditioning we use the BTU.  So BTU’s can be used to measure a furnace size needed but what gets the heat through the duct work (if you have forced air heating)?  Well the answer to that is a fan, with a motor on it, rated to send a certain amount of air through the heat exchangers of your furnace to get the most heat out so you can get a good heating “efficiency” rating from the furnace.  I

Furnace Rating

n the past somewere rated only as 60% efficient.  This could be looked at as a car’s miles per gallon.  When you look at it, 6 miles per gallon is awful!  The good new is that there are now standards for efficiency in furnaces and split air conditioning systems that work in favor of the homeowner and their pocket book.  The standard was 80% efficient, hmm, that’s still not great but in some cases there is no choice.  In other cases there is great news!  Furnaces are 95% efficient with variable speed motors and 2 and 3 stage heating capabilities.  Now you’re talkin efficiency!  Anyway, in furnaces today fans are rated in “CFM”‘s  which stands for “cubic feet per minute”.

Air Conditioning rating

If you want to put in split air conditioning then you have to not only measure the space in the house along with the building materials, you also have to know the size of the fan in the forced air furnace that is either there or going to be there, then you have to know the size of the duct work.  For right now we’ll talk about the size of the furnace fan.  To generate one ton of cooling through a system it takes 400 cfm of fan capacity.  So if your furnace repair  is rated for 3 tons of air then it can mininally push 1200 cfm of air through the furnace.  Thats not all, this is where duct work sized comes in!  Then you have to measure static pressure through the system (length of duct work formula) then you have to account for filter, register and elbow pressure.  It is alot and so I say, leave it to the professionals.  Hey, thats us!  Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to call us and we will do our best to answer in detail.


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