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Calgary Towing Services

Light services include anything that a small or light duty truck does: TowingBoosting Lockout ServiceWinchingTire ChangeOut of Town TowingStorage
Towing Our drivers are experienced by at least 5 years in towing and travelin the Calgary areas. We are fluent in travel throughout Alberta and
we’ve been all over Canada. Wherever you need a  Calgary towing , we’ll come and getyou.

Calgary Car Boosting

If your vehicle needs a boost we have the know how to get your car going. If we can’t we’ll tow it to the service facility of your choice or based on your coverage plan.We’ll come out and get your car running with a boost in any weather. We use only Calgarytow trucks so even if your car won’t go we’re already there andcan tow your vehicle to the service center.

car Lockout Service
Ever lock your keys in the vehicle (not that we’d care to admit it but don’t feel bad we’ve all been there) and tried to use a coat hanger to open it only to damage the glass and paint or even worse break the glass. That could be very expensive to repair. Our drivers are experienced in opening any vehicle without any broken windows or damaged paint. We’re able to get into any vehicle but in very few instances we cannot and your vehicle MUST be towed to the dealer as this is the ONLY way entry canbe gained.

Winching services in  city of Calagry

Have you ever seen people’s cars in the ditch and wondered howthey get out? We are experienced in all aspects of winching and accident
recovery. We get your car back on the road with no damages by us. You may even be able to continue on your way (weather providing) but hey after a
spill like that why not just let us tow you home or to your favorite service facility and you can have it covered on your insurance in most cases.

Tire Change

Ok your tire goes flat on the highway and you’ve never even had the jackout, your wearing your best clothes because your way to an important meeting,
what do you do? You call us and we’ll send you a driver who would be more than happy to change your tire for you and put that dirty one back in your trunk for
you and get you on your way in no time

Out of Town Towing

We here at active towing would like to tell you about our out of town service. OK lets say that your out for the weekend and you head on downto Calagry or up somewhere to cottage country. Our recommendation is that if you want the best possible rate for your return, you contact us. The
rates in Calgary and many of the highly populated areas are outrageous.We can come and pick you up and bring you back to the Calgaryareas for
sometimes half of what they would charge you.Here’s an example of what the rates are like in Calgary;
$45.00 Hook up
$45.00 For dollies
$2.00 Per km

More for winching and the list goes on. Just ADD it up.
Let’s say you are 120 km’s from home and you are driving a rear wheel
drive vehicle. You have a second vehicle following you or a friend comes
to your aid and your standing on the side of the highway with danger all
around you. Traffics flying by, big transports are blowing you around
as they pass and your family is scared out of their wits.
Scenario (1);
Toronto Tow Company comes along and your required to pay for towing with
a set of dollies as it’s rear wheel drive and by law the tow trucks are
not allowed to turn around on the highway and for the risk of damages
to your Vehicle’s transmission *(This applies to all wheel drive
vehicles and some luxury vehicles, A flatbed may be required). Now your
wife and kids can’t ride in the tow truck because it’s only got 2 seats.
By law everybody must have a seat belt on. So now you need a taxi for
them too. Or you wake up your friends and relatives to have them come
out here and save them.
45.00 Hook up
45.00 Dollies or Flatbed
240.00 2.00 per km x 120 km’s
23.10 GST
$ 353.10 Total Charges *maybe you throw him a tip
Scenario (2);
You Call Urban Towing and we advise you to leave the keys inside the vehicle and lock it or some place special. Your told to go home with your
friend or a taxi and leave your vehicle there and we’ll take care of everything. We take your information and we arrange to have your vehicle dropped atthe service facility of your choice. Perhaps it’s one of our accounts and now you don’t pay as we’ll bill the account and you can pay it all when you pick up your car at the service facility. You and your family get home safely. No waiting in dangerous conditions. Or if you stay with your vehicle and we come out we can send a truck with more seating space as we have them. Now your wife and kids are safe with you too. We’ll even
stop and get you warm coffee and hot chocolate our treat.