Exterior Painting tips for Beginners

Paint the Exterior of your Home



Your home is your paradise. There is no place like your home, your hiding place and your beautiful sanctuary. You can extend the life of your house by choosing the right beautification tools and processes. The paint of your house will make a different expression.  The painting of the exterior of the house will define the members of the family as well.

Go for quality when it comes to painting the exterior walls. Plan ahead of timeand choose the theme you want to express with the design and the paint. Below are some tips you can use when painting the exterior of your home.

Choose the right colors.

The color of the paint matters. You need to decide the right colors you want to use. If you have a favorite color, you might want to use it. But, see to it that what you can see outside the house is relative to that of the interior. You don’t want to paint yellow on the outside when the interior is painted with red, do you? Combine colors that are pleasing to the eyes. You might want to consult professional designers in choosing the right color combination of the house, or seek advice from friends and family.

Wash the surface thoroughly.

Leave no dirt on the surface of the walls to be painted. This will leave a strong hold to the paint. Let it dry before applying the paint. Repair cracks before laying the paint brush, as this will give proper proportion when applying the paint.

Choose top-quality.


Choose top-quality paints and paint brushes. Painting the exterior of your home is a tough job but it is worth it. You will see rewarding results on the finished process. Paint like a pro, even if you are not. Using high quality materials will save you hundreds of dollars on your account. Anyway, you are painting your own place. This is a long term investment. If you are going to invest, go for quality.

Control your paint brush.

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Choose a paint brush that has thin bristles. Dip the brush about two inches into the paint. Do not spill the paint over the bristles. Move the brush sideways, back and forth the container’s corners to remove excess paint. Gently lay the brush bristles on the surface. Move the brush in one direction. It is advisable to paint in a top to bottom direction to control the paint’s variation.

Monitor the weather.



Your painting project success will also depend on the weather that day. Do not paint when the sun strikes the surface directly. It will dry up the paint too fast and leave traces and lap marks. Do not paint on too much wind. Windy days will give the paint pressure and cause dirt on wet paint. If you are using latex paint, make sure that the temperature is not below 50 degrees F. Read the paint’s label for instructions. Don’t proceed with your project when there is a chance of rain.

Learn to paint your home’s exterior wisely. Following these tips will ensure a successful project. Reward yourself for work professionally done.



Great Tips to Organize a closet

Ten tips to help you organise your closet




Do you own a large custom closet? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could properly fit all of your things in a neat manner inside of your large closet space? If you have always struggled with organising your closet space, you do not have to struggle any longer! Your closer can be perfectly organised if you just follow a few simple tips, and this article can help you with that. From using closet organizers to colour coding your closet space, here are some ten great tips to help you organise your closet space.

  1. Use closet organisers

A good idea is to use closets calgary store the different articles of clothing that you have. You can use these closet organisers to keep things neat and in their proper places inside of your closet space.

  1. Colour code your clothes

You can colour code your clothes so you can easily find the right article of clothing that you want to wear. You should, for example, separate blouses and shirts into different colours, this way you always know where to find your specific blouse.

  1. Separate clothing articles

Do not mix all of your clothes into one single drawer or space, instead, try and separate articles of clothing. Your pants and jeans should be in one part of your closet, while your socks and underwear should be in another.

  1. Store shoes in plastic or separate containers

If you want your closet to remain clean, you should store your shoes inside separate containers if you plan on putting them inside your closet.

  1. Throw out or donate any clothes that you do not wear

You probably have a lot of old clothes that you do not wear anymore, and you would be surprised at how free space you would have after if you do. You can even donate your old clothes so that it can be used by someone else.

  1. Put items on different shelf heights

Another neat trick to try out is to put your clothes on different shelf heights. You should put the least used clothes in the lower or upper shelves while putting your most used clothes on the middle shelves.

  1. Stick with using hangers of the same type

Using hangers of the same type makes your closet look neater because it will look more uniform. You should also stick to using high-quality wooden hangers too.

  1. Fold your clothes neatly

Nothing looks more cluttered than unfolded clothes, so you should always try and make sure that the clothes inside of your closet are neatly folded.

  1. You may want to put a light inside your closet

If you have a large closet, you should think about installing a light inside of it. Having a light inside your closet will make it easier to see inside of it.

  1. Add hooks to the doors of your closet

A great way to maximise the space inside of your closet is to use hanger hooks on the inside doors of your closet. You could easily hang your jacket or hats on those hooks.