Rules for Playing 8 Ball

The game of 8-ball is played with a cue ball and 15 object balls. The cue ball is generally white in color. You hit the ball with the pool cue stick. The object ball is the one which you aim to hit with the cue ball. 7 of the object balls are solid (1-7), 7 are striped (9-15) and the 8-ball (8) is black in color. The other balls are yellow (1&9), purple (4&12), green (6&14), blue (2&10), orange (5&13), maroon (7&15) and red (3&11).   The sequence of pocketing starts from solid balls and then moves to striped balls. You have to pocket the 8-ball at the end before your opponent(s). The table dimension is 9’ X 4.5’ or 7’ X 3.5’ according to APA/CPA standards.

Placement – The Rack

A triangular rack is used to place the object balls at the center of the table. The black 8 ball should always be at the center of the triangle. The bottom row is made of ball numbers 11, 2, 13, 4 and 5. Second row consists of ball numbers 8, 10, 3 and 14. Third row consists of ball numbers 15, 8 and 1. The fourth row consists of ball numbers 7 and 12. The last object ball is placed at the top. The rack is always placed on the section behind the table foot-string. You can place the cue ball on the head spot of the head string while breaking. The line between the center pockets of the table is the center string and its mid spot is the center spot.

Ball Selection and Play – Single and Multi Players

  • Ball Selection: You can play the 8-ball game in singles or in group. You can choose the first 7 solid balls or the next 7 striped balls as your object balls. Your opponents will get the second set of balls. You need to break the triangle with the first hit using the cue ball. Generally the game controller will decide that based on a coin toss.
  • Legal Break: You must either pocket one of the object balls or make four of the object balls touch the rail. Otherwise it may be called a foul and referee can re-arrange the balls in the rack. The next chance of breaking will go to your opponent.
  • Game Continuation: You may continue to hit the chosen object balls with the cue ball and the pool cue as long you pocket them. Once you miss the pocket or commit a foul, the turn goes to the opponent. If you manage to pocket all your object balls and the 8-ball (black) before your opponent, you will be declared as the winner. If you manage to pocket the 8-ball (black) on the break, you will be declared as the winner immediately. If you end up pocketing your opponent’s object ball, you will lose your turn to continue and the opponent will get the point and the option to play next.

Basic Rules of 8 Ball

  • Cue Ball Scratch: If you pocket the cue ball on break, it is considered as scratch. Then the playing turn goes to the opponent. Scratch can also occur when you directly hit the opponent’s object ball with the cue ball. Your opponent can place the cue ball on the table at any position of his choice.
  • Cue Ball Rise: You may hit the cue ball at an elevated angle to make it rise up from the table bed and cross over an obstructing opponent’s ball to hit your object ball. The ferrule of your pool cue should not touch the cue ball and it should not hit the opponent’s object ball directly. The cue ball should not fall into the pocket or fly off the table. The hitting position should not be below the center.
  • Cue Ball Hit: The cue stick should contact the cue ball only once during a hit (not before and not after).
  • Frozen Ball Hit: You can hit a frozen ball (usually to the rail) with the cue ball to move it from that position. In this process, either the frozen object should ball should touch the other rail or the cue ball should touch any of the rails. Failing to do so would result in a foul. If the cue ball hits the rails simultaneously (with the object ball) or before, it is also considered to be foul.
  • Locked Ball Placement: In some situations, two or more object balls may be locked with each other. If a ball is positioned over the other balls, the referee has the right to place that ball without making it go into the pocket. This happens when the balls are locked nearer to the pocket or somewhere near the jaw region.
  • Missing the Rail: Either the cue ball or any of your object balls should touch the rail after you make a hit. The other option is to pocket any of your object balls. Failing to do so is considered as a foul. The next turn of play will go to the opponent.
  • Shot Playing Time: You should complete the shot within one minute of the allocated time. Otherwise the next chance to hit goes to your opponent by default.

Basic Rules – Foul Types

There are three categories of fouls in the 8 ball pool game. The first category is the standard set of fouls. The second is the loss of frame fouls. The third one is the non standard.

  • Standard Fouls: Hitting the object ball directly with the pool cue. Premature shot before the balls have come to resting position from the previous shot. Failing to move away from the table after your hit is complete (within 10 seconds) are some of the standard fouls.
  • Loss of Frame: Premature pocketing of the 8-ball (black-except in the initial break), disturbing the opponent and simultaneous pocketing of the 8-ball and object ball with single shot are some of the fouls.
  • Non Standard Fouls: Failure to break and pocketing the cue ball are some of non standard fouls.

The Penalties for all the fouls shall be according to the rule book of the American Pool-Players Association.

auxbeam headlights

Why Must Auxbeam Headlights Be a Motorcyclist’s Choice?

As a motorcyclist, you are destined to some challenges. You are prone to accidents or injury which can be fatal if these are not overcome. While riding on your motorbike, you need to see well the weather conditions and other motorists that come in and out of your way. You will also be surprised how these issues, specifically the latter can make a vast number of motorcycle related accidents every year. Fortunately, nowadays these are easy to fix. Just use auxbeam headlights for the ride.

Best Car Headlights?

You need to consider your headlights, brake lights and indicators when running your motorcycle for optimum driving. All of these play a major role to your ability to ride a motorcycle and when other motorists spot you. You also need to see the road well at night. And you can do these if you use auxbeam headlights.
As with other products, motorcycles are designed to suit a price, which normally means that OEM headlights and bulbs are simply adequate to pass the minimal standards set out by the law. As a result, the bikes don’t deliver the required performance that an owner can expect with the vehicle.
The most noticeable culprit is the standard motorcycle headlight bulbs. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of conversions and upgrades available on the market these days. From long life headlights to those filled with xenon gas, nearly all market bulbs can provide some degree of improvement over their OEM counterparts. Top of the range products are auxbeam headlights, which offer 100% more conventional bulbs, and are relatively cheaper than other brands. It’s a small price to pay for nighttime vision and peace of mind.
During daytime, motorcycle indicators are often difficult to see for other road users. They are positioned in such a way with combined low power bulbs and thick plastic lens. Fortunately, LED indicators had come a long way from when they were introduced over a decade ago. They can be brighter and easier to fit than it did before. There are also indicators that don’t require you to alter the actual indicator assembly. For some, they are slot just right in place of the original bulbs. They are reasonably priced, are extremely bright and will lasta lifetime.
There are also LED brake lights and sidelights offered for sale which is much brighter than regular bulbs. These also come less inexpensive for every motorcyclist to afford. You just have to choose them thoroughly and carefully, so you get the best-desired headlights for your motorcycle.
Certainly, upgrading your bulbs are not the only way to make your motorcycle visible to other road users. You can also wear reflective equipment and bright clothing to be seen on the road. Although complete new sets of bulbs can cost you a lot, they tend to prolong the lifespan of your headlights. Choose auxbeam headlights to ensure safety along the road. You can then drive carefully as you go the busy and narrow streets of your area.

Exterior Painting tips for Beginners

Paint the Exterior of your Home



Your home is your paradise. There is no place like your home, your hiding place and your beautiful sanctuary. You can extend the life of your house by choosing the right beautification tools and processes. The paint of your house will make a different expression.  The painting of the exterior of the house will define the members of the family as well.

Go for quality when it comes to painting the exterior walls. Plan ahead of timeand choose the theme you want to express with the design and the paint. Below are some tips you can use when painting the exterior of your home.

Choose the right colors.

The color of the paint matters. You need to decide the right colors you want to use. If you have a favorite color, you might want to use it. But, see to it that what you can see outside the house is relative to that of the interior. You don’t want to paint yellow on the outside when the interior is painted with red, do you? Combine colors that are pleasing to the eyes. You might want to consult professional designers in choosing the right color combination of the house, or seek advice from friends and family.

Wash the surface thoroughly.

Leave no dirt on the surface of the walls to be painted. This will leave a strong hold to the paint. Let it dry before applying the paint. Repair cracks before laying the paint brush, as this will give proper proportion when applying the paint.

Choose top-quality.


Choose top-quality paints and paint brushes. Painting the exterior of your home is a tough job but it is worth it. You will see rewarding results on the finished process. Paint like a pro, even if you are not. Using high quality materials will save you hundreds of dollars on your account. Anyway, you are painting your own place. This is a long term investment. If you are going to invest, go for quality.

Control your paint brush.

local Painters

Choose a paint brush that has thin bristles. Dip the brush about two inches into the paint. Do not spill the paint over the bristles. Move the brush sideways, back and forth the container’s corners to remove excess paint. Gently lay the brush bristles on the surface. Move the brush in one direction. It is advisable to paint in a top to bottom direction to control the paint’s variation.

Monitor the weather.



Your painting project success will also depend on the weather that day. Do not paint when the sun strikes the surface directly. It will dry up the paint too fast and leave traces and lap marks. Do not paint on too much wind. Windy days will give the paint pressure and cause dirt on wet paint. If you are using latex paint, make sure that the temperature is not below 50 degrees F. Read the paint’s label for instructions. Don’t proceed with your project when there is a chance of rain.

Learn to paint your home’s exterior wisely. Following these tips will ensure a successful project. Reward yourself for work professionally done.



7 tips to make Parallel parking easy

How to Parallel Park



Driving will require you to do things in a multitasking way. Thus, this requires you to have the different skills you must master right before you will have your license and be allowed to use the public road. This is to provide safety for all the drivers like you, a single car or a single driver may cause a lot of chaos in the road when things gone wrong and that driver does not know what to do, Now, you will learn one of the most common driving skill, and this is to do the parallel parking.

Parallel Parking is one of the many parking methods of your vehicle and that is to have it aligned in a parallel form with the road at the same time with the other vehicles you may share the road with. The very key to this is the distance away from the other cars in front and at the back of your vehicles. Here are the easy steps of the procedure on how you must do it. One of the best things to do is to get a  professional calgary driving School instruction.

  1. Before you get your engine started, you must put in mind the two tires at the back of your car, this is for you to make sure that the tires at the back end will be perfectly inclined at the back end of the cone or cone that is located next to you right before closing.
  2. Then, when you appear slowly in the parking area that has a 2 spaced out cones or cars, you must remember to turn on your chosen signal in where your blind spot is, and that will give the driver behind you the caution that you are taking the said blind spot.
  3. The next thing that you must do is to match the car or the cone with yourself, have your attention with the side mirror for you to see the rear and make sure that your end tires are matching the other car’s back end tires or if it is matching the cone.
  4. Have your car on its reverse mode. And this is through having your foot at the brake all the time and have your car shift for 40 to 45 degrees as slow as you can, making sure that everything is done properly.
  5. Now, have your full attention at the side mirror pulling in your car all its way back as slow as you can making sure that you are not hitting your car’s rear.
  6. Then, you may now put your car on its driving mode and also, remember to put your foot again at the brakes at all times in every shifting of modes and that will make you get things done slowly.
  7. When it is time for you to get off with the parallel parking, make sure that you are always light your chosen signal so that you will catch the attention of the drivers that are following you, making things clear and to give you way.

So here you go! By following these steps, you can finally parallel park your car. Just determine if the spot if it is large enough for your car and surely you’ll get in the line.



Shower Heads Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when purchasing shower heads?

Few home appliances get more daily use and attention than your kitchen, shower heads. Therefore, choose a shower head you can depend on for years of trouble-free service, plus styling that complements your home decor. Make sure your new faucet meets the following standards:

Well-engineered operational features, including massaging shower heads, water flow control and temperature control

Water and energy saving features such as water-saving aerators and BEST shower head flow control.

Time-saving installation help and advice, including step-by-step illustrated installation instructions.

Are there benefits to having a ergonomically designed shower head?

Some of the world’s most elegant hotels and resort spas, from the Sheraton in San Francisco to the Sonesta Beach Hotel in Curacao to the Renaissance Wailea in Maui, have pleased guests for years with this ergonomically designed shower head. Using the same principle as a jet engine, this showerhead continually sucks in fresh air and infuses it into the water creating a powerful Oxygenating spray of revitalizing oxygen enriched water. The moment you turn it on you realize this is like no other showerhead you’ve ever experienced. It increases the water’s oxygen content up to ten times, helping to purify your shower water, and leaving your skin and hair cleaner than ever before.

Are massage shower heads safe for little kids?

The pressure from a massaging shower head is safe for anyone. You should, however, never leave small children unattended in the shower or bath.


Flowers For Emotional Well being


How flowers help emotionally?



From the early times, medical concepts have helped in discovering the best and the most amazing properties of flowers that have helped in many therapeutic ways. Flowers are the best ways to banish your bad mood and it helps in bringing blossom to your life. There are tons of health benefits of flowers and other than that, flowers are helpful in treating you emotionally and cooling down the mental level of your mood. You don’t need to wait until your loved ones bring you a bouquet of flowers and provide you floral flair. There are so many health benefits and it has been proven by many scientists as well. Need flower delivery  in edmonton ,helpful in boosting the emotional morale of any person and it helps in making you feel happy from inside. So, there are many benefits of having flowers around and they are:

  • Flowers are helpful in feeding your sympathy: it has been proven by many researchers by top most scientists that if you live around fresh cut flowers for less than a week, you can develop a feeling of compassion, sympathy and care for others. This can work wonders for a person having bad mental level as those flowers help him calm down properly.
  • Flowers help in eradicate anxiety and your worries: it has been proven that people living around flowers get the feeling of being free from all the kinds of negative vibes and anxieties that can bring the morale down. They feel more encouraged and they become less concerned about things. Living with flowers only for few days can bring the positive feeling around you. It is also advisable to have flowers in your kitchen, dining halls or drawing room as these are the areas where you spend most of your day. It helps you get rid of morning sickness, mood swings, bad behavior, negative issues and discouragement.
  • It helps in boosting energy: flowers are the perfect epitome of liveliness and high power. They add a source of energy within you and you get to enjoy life more closely. You can get rid of your dull mood just by being around flowers for a couple of days. Having flowers Calgary  at your working desk can create a positive and energetic effect on you while you work and you enjoy your work rather than hating it. Make sure you fill your room with fresh and colorful flowers to have the impact last longer.
  • You become full of enthusiasm and happiness: It happens every now and then that you start getting bored of your monotonous life, be it home or your office. You can get emotionally weak and dull and that’s the time where these flowers help you in adding the pinch of enthusiasm and happiness in your life. Stay surrounded by fresh flowers as much as possible.
  • It helps you recover soon: Flowers help you get well soon and that is the reason they are often given to patients admitted at the hospitals or those who are sick so that they can feel good and fresh.


Great Tips to Organize a closet

Ten tips to help you organise your closet




Do you own a large custom closet? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could properly fit all of your things in a neat manner inside of your large closet space? If you have always struggled with organising your closet space, you do not have to struggle any longer! Your closer can be perfectly organised if you just follow a few simple tips, and this article can help you with that. From using closet organizers to colour coding your closet space, here are some ten great tips to help you organise your closet space.

  1. Use closet organisers

A good idea is to use closets calgary store the different articles of clothing that you have. You can use these closet organisers to keep things neat and in their proper places inside of your closet space.

  1. Colour code your clothes

You can colour code your clothes so you can easily find the right article of clothing that you want to wear. You should, for example, separate blouses and shirts into different colours, this way you always know where to find your specific blouse.

  1. Separate clothing articles

Do not mix all of your clothes into one single drawer or space, instead, try and separate articles of clothing. Your pants and jeans should be in one part of your closet, while your socks and underwear should be in another.

  1. Store shoes in plastic or separate containers

If you want your closet to remain clean, you should store your shoes inside separate containers if you plan on putting them inside your closet.

  1. Throw out or donate any clothes that you do not wear

You probably have a lot of old clothes that you do not wear anymore, and you would be surprised at how free space you would have after if you do. You can even donate your old clothes so that it can be used by someone else.

  1. Put items on different shelf heights

Another neat trick to try out is to put your clothes on different shelf heights. You should put the least used clothes in the lower or upper shelves while putting your most used clothes on the middle shelves.

  1. Stick with using hangers of the same type

Using hangers of the same type makes your closet look neater because it will look more uniform. You should also stick to using high-quality wooden hangers too.

  1. Fold your clothes neatly

Nothing looks more cluttered than unfolded clothes, so you should always try and make sure that the clothes inside of your closet are neatly folded.

  1. You may want to put a light inside your closet

If you have a large closet, you should think about installing a light inside of it. Having a light inside your closet will make it easier to see inside of it.

  1. Add hooks to the doors of your closet

A great way to maximise the space inside of your closet is to use hanger hooks on the inside doors of your closet. You could easily hang your jacket or hats on those hooks.

Furnace replacement tricks

Choose the Right Furnace



HVAC INFO  approved heating & cooling loads are done for the jobs that we estimate for you.  This is so we can properly size the new equipment, after all, your comfort and energy costs are at steak.  If your Calgary furnace needs to be repaired furnace is too big it will turn on heat up your home fast and turn off.  This sounds great but actually your floors, rugs, furniture and other things, like walls do not get a chance to warm completely up and then your home gets hot and cold spots as well as hot and cold rooms.

Air Conditioner repairs

If your air conditioner is too big it will turn on, cool things off fast and leave a cold dampness in your home.  This can be very uncomfortable, it makes you feel “clamy”.  If your duct work is too small for the furnace or air conditioner that is put in then there is another set of problems.  In the heating cycle your furnace can get too hot and cycle on and off on the overtemp limit control, a safety device, instead of cycling on and off by the thermostat as your furnace was designed to do.

Air Conditioner replacement

If your air conditioning is working with duct work too small for the cooling capacities put in, the air conditionin coil in the furnace plenum to freeze up and not allow any cooling.These are problems indeed but our industry has come up with problem solvers like the formulas for heating and cooling demands of a home as well as duct work sizing for good air flow and delivery of heating and cooling to your home.  Every good HVAC company will use an ACCA approved problem solving formulas in some form so they can give their customers what is needed. The Nitty-Gritty of HVAC

What is BTU ?

What is a BTU?  BTU is short for “British Thermal Unit”. The BTU is a way to measure heat.  One BTU is the amount of heat necessary to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree celcius.  There other ways to measure heat like calories but in heating and air conditioning we use the BTU.  So BTU’s can be used to measure a furnace size needed but what gets the heat through the duct work (if you have forced air heating)?  Well the answer to that is a fan, with a motor on it, rated to send a certain amount of air through the heat exchangers of your furnace to get the most heat out so you can get a good heating “efficiency” rating from the furnace.  I

Furnace Rating

n the past some furnace repair calgary were rated only as 60% efficient.  This could be looked at as a car’s miles per gallon.  When you look at it, 6 miles per gallon is awful!  The good new is that there are now standards for efficiency in furnaces and split air conditioning systems that work in favor of the homeowner and their pocket book.  The standard was 80% efficient, hmm, that’s still not great but in some cases there is no choice.  In other cases there is great news!  Furnaces are 95% efficient with variable speed motors and 2 and 3 stage heating capabilities.  Now you’re talkin efficiency!  Anyway, in furnaces today fans are rated in “CFM”‘s  which stands for “cubic feet per minute”.

Air Conditioning rating

If you want to put in split air conditioning then you have to not only measure the space in the house along with the building materials, you also have to know the size of the fan in the forced air furnace that is either there or going to be there, then you have to know the size of the duct work.  For right now we’ll talk about the size of the furnace fan.  To generate one ton of cooling through a system it takes 400 cfm of fan capacity.  So if your furnace repair  is rated for 3 tons of air then it can mininally push 1200 cfm of air through the furnace.  Thats not all, this is where duct work sized comes in!  Then you have to measure static pressure through the system (length of duct work formula) then you have to account for filter, register and elbow pressure.  It is alot and so I say, leave it to the professionals.  Hey, thats us!  Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to call us and we will do our best to answer in detail.


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The Benefits of Chiropractic Doctors

The Benefits of Chiropractic Doctors Chiropractor Doctors are professional health care providers that solely focus on the treatment of any Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal disorders. This emphasizes in the hand manipulation of the spinal cord area wherein most of the pain are verbalized by most people who are experiencing muscle, tendon and ligament pains. The function of chiropractor doctors simply educates their patients If you want a  great Chiropractor see here 

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